Plans 2016

My plans for 2016


The last year went by fairly quickly and I’ve learned quite a few new things, even though I would still consider myself a total beginner. I have already planned out a lot of different things for 2016, starting from marketing my Youtube channel through to web design and Java. Time to sort out my priorities before I overload myself with too many challenges.

More videos on the Youtube channel

My upload rate of 2 videos in 2 months leaves a lot to be desired. If I want more clicks I also need to deliver more content. There’s definitely no lack of possible topics, as I have recently found a good Resource for indie games on android.

Programming for Android

Last year there were a few changes regarding android programming. With Android Studio, a new developing environment especially for Android was published. Unfortunately there aren’t any good textbooks for that subject yet :/. And then even the pros have different opinions on whether Android Studio or the old alternative with Eclipse is better. Others in turn would rather use Unity and with that C#. By now I’ve planned on looking up LibGDX, since you can port the app to different platform on the basis of a single code. I’ll definitely start with programing a few small apps.

Project deadlines and the IELTS Test

I’m in the middle of the final sprint for  different projects at the moment: First there’s the SEO project, that has to be handed in with the documentation by the 27th January, then there’s a business plan for the business studies course. And after 2 weeks the IELTS test already stands in line, which I have to pass with the best possible grades, if I want to do study abroad in England. When this all is over there’re only the last semester in hanover and the final exams lying ahead. If I successfully survive all of this I’m going to go to Southampton for a year.

Learn more!

Apart from Java, I want to learn more PHP, Javascript, Bootstrapt and maybe even more programming languages. I’ve already got a few good online courses ready in my last post!

PS: Since I got this post finished later than expected, I changed the picture. But since I put so much work into the original picture I’m posting it anyway!



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