Media Informatics – What do you do there?

Everytime someone asked me, what I’m studying and I answered “media informatics” it always seemed as if a little question marked popped up over their heads. Informatics is just about programming with maths and stuff, isn’t it? What does it have to do with media?

It’s true, in my studies at the bib International College Hanover, I have to do lots of typical IT stuff: programming with Java, databases, web design, and network engineering. But there is also more.

It was pretty fun watching my fellow students back then in the first semester, when we spent half of our classes learning drawing and photography! Because in media informatics it’s not only about coding programs and websites, but also about making them look good, and creating the media for them yourself. Nowadays, media and IT become more and more intertwined especially when it comes to webdesign and front end development in general.

Media Computer Scientists Are Allrounders

As a media computer scientist you not only have to be able to think in a well-structured and logical way, but you have to be creative as well. Since, besides the typical programming disciplines, you also have to design graphics, shoot photos yourself if needed be or craft videos or animations. That means once in a while we also had to create illustrations in Photoshop, Illustrator or by hand, find the right lighting for a product photo in the studio, to knock out the background at the PC later, or to animate a little farm with a crowing cock.

Furthermore presentation techniques, English and business studies for entrepeneurs are also part of my curriculum so far. All in all it isn’t a typical informatics course after all. People who plan to take an informatics major in that direction should be aware of that. Otherwise there could be an unpleasant surprise later on. For someone like me, who was torn between media design and informatics after high school, it definitely was the perfect study path.


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