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Free and interactive web design and coding courses!

Learning web design is fun – but when all you do is reading pages over pages of information overflowing tutorials even that can get a bit dry. Therefore I’ve put together a few free web design courses that allow you to immediately put the freshly learned knowledge to use!

5. W3Schools

Even if the site with its allegedly helpful certificates has kind of a bad reputation, its tutorials are pretty useful – especially for beginners. You can watch the explained codes in action and play around by clicking the “Try it Yourself” button and opening the web editor. Stay away from the exams!

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4. SnoopCode

Works almost exactly like W3schools. You learn what you are getting into with the aid of text and GIF videos and test it out in the live editor afterwards.

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3.Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation, which offers a large variety of different topics such as mathematics, economy, history, art-history, computer science and of course programming. The subjects are explained with some kind of interactive couching video and mastered with respective exercises in the live editor.

khan academy

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CodeCademy offers a wide palette of IT-topics and teaches them with the help of tasks that you complete step by step in the live editor.

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1. freeCodeCamp

A community, that not only teaches coding, but also lets you expand your portfolio by creating websites for non-profit organisations from all over the world. If you’re stuck while solving an excercise, you can instantly get help in a chat.

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