Media Informatics – What do you do there?

Everytime someone asked me what I’m studying and I answered “media informatics” it always seemed as if a little question marked popped up over their heads. Informatics is just about programming with maths and stuff, isn’t it? What does it have to do with media?

Plans 2016

My plans for 2016

The last year went by fairly quickly and I’ve learned quite a few new things, even though I would still consider myself a total beginner. I have already planned out a lot of different things for 2016, starting from marketing my Youtube channel through to web design and Java. Time to sort out my priorities before I overload myself with too many challenges.

freeCodeCamp Example

Free and interactive web design and coding courses!

Learning web design is fun – but when all you do is reading pages over pages of information overflowing tutorials even that can get a bit dry. Therefore I’ve put together a few free web design courses that allow you to immediately put the freshly learned knowledge to use!

Student discovers Bootstrap: Mind blown

Until now I have only learned how to create websites “by hand”, meaning without any helping tools – I have not had anything to do with frameworks yet. A week ago I googled a bit to find out what kind of possibilities are out there to facilitate the work and ta-da – Bootstrap was exactly […]

Project SEO Website: Design almost finished

I have come to realize my plans concerning the background and the header. Now  a few logos will pass by here and there when you wait long enough. I have replaced the header image with some CSS-styled text, which adapts to the header size. From now on I will only tinker with the design from […]